The New Year is Here!

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As you start following through on your resolutions for the year, think about the good times, the not so good times, and highlights of 2015. It’s the perfect time to reset your goals, and yourself.

Whatever you are trying to achieve, goals such as weight loss, financial, spiritual, relational, volunteering or even just taking time for you, (which is a hard thing to schedule out) I encourage you to do it! Take time to reflect on the past year and set new goals.

I love the start of the New Year because it feels like a reset button. It’s a fresh start! I believe that you should focus on growing you and making being consistent with anything you do in life!

When you are making resolutions, REALLY take the time, in a quiet room to reflect on what you want this year. Write them down and post them all over; your office or rooms you visit most in your house – keep yourself accountable for them. Then make the baby steps to get you there! I challenge you to step outside your box and spread your love wherever your heart takes you!

Cheers to 2016,


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On January 11, 2016

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